Fees & Hours

COVID Update: All FISH swim sessions are on hold due to COVID 19. We hope to be back in the water in 2021

We currently practice at the Poughkeepsie Middle School, a 25-yard, 6 lane pool in excellent condition.

Fees and hours for January - June 2019 are as follows:

The pool is open for swimming 6:00-7:15am Tuesday and Thursday. We don't swim on Poughkeepsie city district school holidays or snow days (or 2 hour delay days), which are announced here.

Fees are as follows:

Team Swim: Tuesday and Thursday

bi-monthly - $136

Single Swim Drop in price: $10 a day

If you are a visitor planning on dropping in, please email Marie at fishmastersswim@gmail.com to confirm we'll be there when you're visiting, and we'll send you instructions for parking and entering the pool facility.

For July & August swimming, we typically swim 6:00-7:00am Monday, Wednesday & Friday at Pulaski Park Pool. Details will be announced on our Facebook page.

We hope to increase our access to the Poughkeepsie Middle School pool in the fall of 2019 and return to our previous schedule of 6:00-7:15am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday.

All swimmers must be current USMS members for insurance purposes. Temporary 30-day USMS membership forms are available at the facility for drop-ins, or you can fill in the form in advance by clicking here.

Is our program is right for you?

If you can swim, the answer is yes! We have a structured workout where you choose which lane closest matches your swim ability, and you will swim sets with that lane on the same interval. Swimmers follow each other in a circle pattern. A little bit of swim team experience is helpful, but most "newbies" figure it out in a workout or two. What lane you choose will determine how much you swim in an hour: the fastest lane may swim up to 4,000 yards in an hour, other lanes swim 1,000 or less, depending on the workout. If you need assistance with your stroke or which lane to join, please ask!

Prospective members are welcome to drop in for one swim, free of charge, during any FISH practice.