23 Years

That's how long we at Fisher Texels have been breeding and selling Texel Sheep!!

Way back in 1998, we purchased our first registered Texel ewes and the following year made our way to Springfield, IL to purchase our first registered Texel ram. Since then, we have learned much and have enjoyed raising our Texels.

What makes a Texel so unique? Texels have a naturally occurring Myostatin gene, and this gene is what adds muscling to the sheep while keeping the tenderness. There is another gene out there-the Callipyge gene. This gene will also add muscle, but the meat is so tough that Superior Packing will not accept Callipyge influenced lambs, as there is no market for the meat. All of our sheep have been tested for the Callipyge gene and they are all free of this.

Each year we OPP test about 10% of our flock and they have had negative results each year.

Texels are easy keepers, we don't feed our ewe flock grain and the lambs only get grain for a few months in the spring while we are waiting for the grass to come on. After that, they get only pasture. They have great dispositions and, for the most part, rams are even tempered and easy to work with. The mamas take excellent care of their babies, raising twins very successfully.

We would love to give you a tour of our operation and let you see Texels up-close-and-personal. Drop in and chat awhile. We'd love to visit with you.

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Proverbs 16:3