Recently I had someone ask me, "Why would I want to buy a Texel ram when I have ewes that are larger than a mature Texel ram. Why would I go smaller?"

Well, this page will give those asking the same questions some really good reasons-carcass quality. The Jackpot Lamb Carcass Contest, that is held each year in Hermiston, Oregon, is an all bred contest; and as you can see, the Texel breed is very well represented.


This year, the Umatilla County Jackpot Lamb Carcass Contest, was held at the brand new Umatilla County Fair grounds. It is a very nice facility. Amazing what can be accomplished in 1 short year.

We entered 4 lambs this year, with our highest placing in the live competition-third place.

On the rail, in the carcass division, we came in Number 1!!



August 2016 found 4 Fisher Texel lambs competing in the Umatilla County Jackpot Lamb Carcass Contest. In the live portion of the competition, these lambs placed 2nd, 3rd, 6th and 9th against Suffolk, Hampshire and Rambouillet lambs.

Hanging on the rail, these same lambs placed 8th, tied for 10th, 1st and tied for 3rd. What seems good on the outside can be deceiving as shown by the difference between live and carcass results.

The carcass with the cane touching it was the winner.



This year, we entered 2 lambs in the Umatilla County Carcass Contest. In the Live Placing, we stood 7th and 10th. In the Carcass division, the 7th place lamb stood 5th and the 10th place lamb stood


Not tall enough, not enough neck-these are all comments that we hear repeatedly, but once all their "clothes" are off, the advantages of using a Texel or Texel sired lamb is obvious.




Fisher Texels did very well this year in the Umatilla County Jackpot Lamb competition with the 4 lambs that we entered.

Live placings found us sitting 1st, 3rd, 5th and 12th with 22 total entries being judged.

After the live competition it was time for the carcass competition. When all was said and done, Fisher Texels placed 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 7th on the rail! And, the lamb that placed 12th in the live competition came in 1st on the rail. The 1st place live lamb placed 3rd on the rail. So, I guess you can't judge a sheep by it's cover.



This year, Fisher Texels entered 4 lambs in the Umatilla County Jackpot Lamb competition held in Hermiston,Oregon. In the carcass portion we had 2 lambs in the top 10 of the competition.


Thie first place lamb had a live weight of 127 lbs; Hot weight of 79 lbs; Dressing percentage of 59.8%; Backfat 0.15"; Leg score Prime+; Rib eye area 4.2"; Quality grade Prime-.


Our fourth place tie lamb had a Live weight of 123 lbs; Hot weight 74 lbs; Dressing percentage of 60.1%; Backfat 0.15"; Leg score of Prime+; Rib eye area of 3.5"; Quality grade Choice.



In 22 years, there has never been a whiteface lamb win the live portion of the Umatilla County Jackpot Lamb Carcass Contest.


One of our entries won the live division! We were so excited. In the carcass division, he placed lower because he had a tad too much backfat. But we were very pleased with the results as they were.



This winning carcass was a product of Fisher Texel genetics.


2008 Carcass Contest

In August, Fisher Texels entered 2 ewe lambs in the Carcass Contest that is held in conjuction with the Umatilla County Fair in Eastern Oregon. There were 33 entries, with many breeds representated.

After the live judging, we placed 17th and 21st. Not great...BUT after being judged on the rail...

well, our 21st place lamb finished 1st

Boy-howdy, were we surprised!!

and our 17th place lamb finished -well, um-32nd.

What made the difference?

These 2 lambs had both been on the same feed and were only days apart in age, and 3 lbs. difference in weight. They had the same sire, but different dams. The lamb that sat last had a 3.2" loin with 0.35" of back fat; and Scored Prime +. The first place finisher had a loin measurement of 3.9" with 0.15" of back fat; and, also Scored Prime +. Amazing the difference 0.2" of fat can make.

We don't know what made the difference,


We are very pleased with the outcome, and are proud of how both lambs turned out with their "clothes off."


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