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West Central District includes Bates, Benton, Cass, Henry, Hickory, Jackson, Johnson, Lafayette, Pettis, Saline and St. Clair counties.

The West Central Districts mission is to coordinate the interests and activities of our garden clubs and bring its members together in an effort to achieve the objectives of the Federated Garden Clubs of Missouri (FGCM). 

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Installation of new officers for the 2016/2017 term

Debby Walsh, Director; Bernie Zeller, 1st Assistant Director; Cindy Keesler, 2nd Assistant Director; Rose Bailey-Hammock, Recording Secretary; Libby Noland, Treasurer; FGCM President, Nancy Bahn

Debby Walsh being installed by FGCM president Nancy Bahn

Let’s grow together

This will be my theme for the next two years let’s look at birds and butterflies growing with our plants. Let’s look at plants that grow well together. Let’s grow together with new knowledge and new friends and members.

 Let’s grow our clubs treasures, with one of my challenges.

Does everyone have a green book? Go to page 132 through 144. Wow I totaled the prizes up $2,500.00.

I challenge each club to do and submit for as many as they can, think of all the good you can-do in our District with that kind of money. Many of these things you are doing already, don’t keep it a secret fill out that paperwork.

Director Debby Walsh         Debbyfaye@hotmail.com  

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Helen Simon is honored

Plant Sale inspection and fee information
from Judy Sheets, FGCM President
This is official from Dr. John Hagler, head of the MDA, do not pay the plant license. At my suggestion, our state organization is going to pay a yearly fee for a license "umbrella" that will cover all clubs in our organization. No club will pay the $25 fee for each plant sale. All clubs will submit the date and location of their plant sale to our state, we will give the list to MDA, and they may or may not come to the sale to check plants for bugs, disease, and bio-terrorism. Dr. Hagler is right now writing this new amendment to the plant law to cover not-for-profit organizations.
I spent the afternoon on the phone working this out. I assured him that our federation has no objection to our plants being examined. We have protected our state since 1935 and will continue to do so.

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