Plenary Speakers

  • Lei Bao
  • Andy Elby
  • Paula Heron
  • Christian Kautz
  • Cedric Linder
  • Miriam Reiner
  • Peter Shaffer
  • Michael Wittmann

Conference Photos

Seated: Miriam Reiner, Andy Elby, Chris Kautz, Lei Bao, Cedric Linder, Peter Shaffer, Paula Heron, Michael Wittmann

Standing, left to right: Jing Wang, Ellie Sayre, Jerry Feldman, Laura Buteler, Tanya Antimirova, Bhupi Nagpure, Carol Koleci, Georgia Bracey, Cornelius Bennhold, Brant Hinrichs, Genaro Zavala, Sahana Murthy, Dewey Dykstra, Steve Kanim, Dodie Albers, Andrew Boudreaux, Padraic Springuel, Mila Kryjevskaia, Brian Frank, Jennifer Blue, Mike Loverude, Mac Stetzer, Rebecca Lindell, Yuhfen Lin, David Meltzer, Joe Redish, Warren Christensen, John Thompson, David Brookes, Ian Beatty, Sam McKagan, Leslie Atkins, Bill Reay, Lillian McDermott, Andrew Heckler, Katrina Black (and Ben), Brian Pyper, Enrique Coleoni, Tom Bing, Renee Michell Goertzen, Brad Ambrose, Don Mountcastle, Ayush Gupta, Brandon Bucy, Sebastien Cormier, Homeyra Sadaghiani

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Targeted Sessions

Targeted Sessions offer highly interactive discussion of a specific research topic of the organizer's choosing.

Sessions are listed in order of the organizer's last name, and other presenters are included, when known.

Making generalizations in the face of context dependence

Turrets 1: Putnam room (1st floor, left side)

Organizer: Andrew Heckler, with Joe Redish, Paula Heron on Monday, David Meltzer, Andy Elby, Lei Bao on Thursday

Dealing with the consumer-driven nature of PER

Turrets 2: 2nd floor center room

Organizer: Rebecca Lindell, with Leslie Atkins and others TBA

What should we be teaching in quantum mechanics and why?

Turrets 3: Father Gower room (1st floor, right side)

Organizer: Sam McKagan, with David Brookes, Homeyra Sadaghiani, Brad Ambrose

Making PER Lemonade

Blair/Tyson 3rd Floor Lounge, section D

Organizer: John Thompson, with Warren Christensen, Michael Loverude

Working Groups

A "working group" is a discussion group whose task is to develop a well-articulated position on the topic at hand.

Non-traditional methods of publication in PER

(David Meltzer)

Turrets Putnam room (1st floor, left side)

This group will have the task of arriving at a position on the value of non-traditional publications such as online published volumes, arxiv.org, white papers, blogs, and more.

A curriculum for PER grad students

(Stephen Kanim)

Turrets 2nd floor center room

This group will have the task of creating at least one curriculum that is appropriate for graduate students specializing in PER for the PhD work.

PER and TA training

(Mac Stetzer)

Turrets 3: Father Gower room (1st floor, right side)

This group will have the task of defining research areas that might be investigated, as well as tools and constraints that would affect research on TA training.

Issues in international PER

(Genaro Zavala)

Blair/Tyson 3rd Floor Lounge, section C

This group will have the task of comparing the US and different international PER communities in a way that helps build bridges and further the work of all.

The perfect parent organization for PER

(E.F. "Joe" Redish)

Blair/Tyson 3rd Floor Lounge, section D

This group will have the task of describing a parent organization (meaning an organization like AAPT, AERA, NARST, APS...) that would best fit the needs of the PER community.