Hobby photographer in Germany´s Rhine-Main-area takes HOT photographs of and for you. Either on paper (roll of b/w-film, processing, prints) - or digital photographs (max. 18 Megapixel / effective pixel resolution of 5,184 × 3,456 pixels ) on CD/DVD. You'll find experience and equipment here.

If you don't use the photos not for commercial issues, I´d only like to get back my expenses for the material (details on request)!

A shooting takes about 2-4 hours, you'll get approx. 100 photos.

The indoor-shootings take place at 63322 Roedermark/Ober-Roden (Germany). If you can offer a suitable location, it's also possible to do a shooting there. Outdoor-shootings can take place in the whole area (Rhine-Main). Since I travel a lot I might be in your area if you see me there. I´m frequently in the U.S. mostly in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami South Florida area. Ask for my U.S. cellphone number!