"Off-the beaten tracks going beyond the current spatiotemporal limit" 

We are interested in applying advanced X-ray radiations* to directly visualize and control materials and biological systems at near atomic scale. Nano-scale phenomena undergoing ultrafast & irreversible phase changes are being investigated.

(Image) Coherent X-ray diffraction pattern recorded at 9C, PLS-II in 2015 July

Highlighted news
  • Welcome new members (2018.07)
Two new physics graduate students, Joonha Hwang and Jaeyong Shin, have joined our lab. Welcome!! 
  • New home for our lab! (2018.06) 
Our lab has moved to a new place to join the main physics building (5th floor, Sci. Bldg. 3)
  • New publications (2018.10)
 "Atomic level three-dimensional structure of individual particles with XFELs", Changyong Song*, IUCrJ 5:522 (2018). (Scientific commentary article) 

Our manuscript on coherent scattering of quasicrystal nano magnet is accepted for a publication in the   Nanoscale. Congratulations to D. Sung and C. Jeong.
  • Open positions
Undergraduate research projects
Graduate students (2019 ~ ) on time-resolved XFEL single particle imaging

* The free electron laser (FEL), introduced recently, generates ultra-bright, femtosecond short pulsed, coherent lights with the wavelength as short as Angstrom scale. This opens a new window to the atomic world with unprecedentedly clear views: femtosecond snap-shots.
In particular, by providing breakthroughs to longstanding science challenges in understanding atomic structures and dynamics of water molecules, amorphous materials, membrane proteins, etc., the FEL is receiving a surge of attention as a trailblazer for next generation science.