As a customer experience strategist and customer service speaker, Femi’s focus is distinctive.  

While he offers other business talks on "Adapting to Change" and "Creating High-Performance Organisational Cultures", he is first and foremost a customer service expert. 

This allows him to share expertise in this talks and keynotes that will have a transformative effect on your people and the service excellence levels they deliver to your customers. 

His passion to see the potential within businesses unleashed has led to him being invited to speak at conferences for world class organisations such as 3M, Hewlett Packard, Dell, Barclays, Good Year, The Endangered Wild Life Trust, The International Center for Parliamentary Studies and so on.

His role and experience as Senior Customer Experience Strategist at Baines and Partners, a consultancy that specialises in Customer Experience and Customer Service turnaround strategies, allows him to share relevant and leading customer experience insights in his talks.

The insights he shares in his talks are based on actual case studies and proprietary research conducted at Baines and the strategies he outlines are practical, actionable and results-focused

He is also Research Director at Strategic CX, a corporate learning firm that provides customer service training solutions to organisations of different sizes and in diverse industries.

Femi shares practical insights based firsthand on his successes and challenges in the business world.

From managing billions of Rands in retirement fund assets, as head of investment consulting, to then going on to set up his own diversified investment company, Femi knows first-hand what it takes for organisations to succeed or fail.

He understands first-hand the need for organisations to be able to adapt in a rapidly changing world and how distinctive service experience can transform an organisation into a "brand of excellence" and greatly impact customer loyalty.

Femi’s signature style is presenting robust content with powerful and entertaining delivery. Not only does he make an instant connection with the audience, but more importantly, he makes an emotional connection. 

He engages his audience in a manner that is not only entertaining but empowers them with valuable information and though-provoking insights.

From experience, he know that messages are most powerful when the audience not only buy into the logic of the message but also relate to the emotional delivery of the message. 

Audiences have described his presentations have been described as “powerful”.

Femi will not only entertain you and inspire you into action but will share with you strategies, insights and tools that can be applied and used almost immediately to empower you and your organisation to achieve the results you desire!