Sunday Message: The Adventure of Discipleship

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From the Pastor's Desk:

As we quickly approach 2021, we must continue to focus our attention to the business of continuing to make disciples for Jesus Christ.

We do this through continued prayer together as the people of God that this pandemic is quickly and safely brought to a conclusion.

So that all over the world Gods people can once again safely return to church and worship our Lord and Savior together having Christian fellowship with our brothers and sisters in Christ.

The year 2020 certainly will become etched in history, a history that includes worldwide sickness, death, and economic impact.

But if history has taught us anything it’s that its always darkest before the dawn and that each new day brings us new hope, a new vision and opportunities for the future.

I believe that we are about to see God do some incredible work in the lives of the faithful and revitalize thousands of churches in 2021.

Have patience and have faith!! stay strong in the Lord, pray every day, “God is on our side and His victory is on the way.”

Happy New Year!!

God Bless,


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