Welcome to my portfolio!
My name is Mia (Mikyoung) Whang. I was born and grew up in Seoul, South Korea. I have always been passionate about clothes, fabrics, and fashion design as long as I can remember. My favorite childhood hobby was to collect pieces of fabrics from small neighborhood boutiques and make clothes for my dolls. The love of fashion led me to study clothing and textiles in college, and I worked for about six years as a fashion designer and merchandiser before I moved to the states.
My plan is to become a proficient teacher/researcher who can contribute to the field of apparel and textiles through innovative scholarly writing and creative designs, as well as being a mentor to students.  
I would like to provide you with some insights into my education, research interests, teaching and professional experiences, and fashion design skills. To navigate your way through the portfolio, click on the links in the Navigation window on the left to see and read each section of my portfolio. You can read my teaching philosophy and see my original designs that I completed during my graduate studies and the design pieces that were created during my professional career.
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