Meeting locations-Richmond, VA

        While welcome to do so, It is not necessary to contact us before attending a meeting.  For more information about groups in Richmond  email   text/call 657-7250  
           1. Hanover County-Mechanicsville  
Monday night, 7:00 - 8:30 p.m.   Episcopal Church of the Creator, 7159 Mechanicsville Tkpe, east of I-295.  The group meets in the square building, lower floor,  in the rear of the church.  Park at the rear of the building for easy access, no steps.(*In the event of inclement weather, meeting is cancelled when Hanover schools are closed)
             2. Henrico County-Willey Bridge
Tuesday night, 7:30 - 9 p.m.   All Saints Episcopal Church, 8787 River Road, at the Parham Road exit just north of the Willey Bridge. At the end of the church driveway, turn left. The meetings are held in the Library building, not the preschool.  No Elevator (*In the event of inclement weather, meeting is cancelled when City of Richmond schools are closed)
            3. Henrico County-Lakeside
Wednesday night, 7:00-8 p.m. Hatcher Memorial Baptist Church, 2300 Dumbarton Road.  Meets on the second floor, Chapel.  No elevator. (*Inclement weather call McShin Foundation Office 2491845)
      4. Chesterfield-Midlothian/Bon Air/Richmond    
Thursday night, 7:30 - 9 p.m.   Huguenot Road Baptist Church, 10525 West Huguenot Road (HRBaptistChurch).  Meets on 2nd floor in Room 209 of the Education bldg behind church (Elevator available. Park in rear (Dillon & Ashburn Rds).  Enter main door under Portico/covered entrance. Proceed straight to elevator. (*Inclement weather policy-If meeting is cancelled an announcement will be published here by 5 p.m.) 
Map:  **Huguenot Road Baptist.     
What to expect.   Meetings are open to those suffering with a loved one's abuse of alcohol or drugs, or other related problem.  While the majority of the group is made up of parents, family and friends are welcome.  Meetings are not intended for the substance abuser.   Only first names are used and no one has to speak or share if they don't care to.  It is recommended that a new member attend at least six meetings to become use to the format.   Since each week there is a different leader, the new member will be exposed to different stories and responses.   Each group has an excellent selection of literature to assist in understanding  and dealing with the difficulties.  For more about what to expect see link: Meeting format
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