FAMILIES ANONYMOUS Richmond Home Page. 7/12/2015

Families Anonymous Richmond (FA) is a Twelve-Step support group for those concerned about their loved ones use of alcohol, drugs, or related behavior problems, whether current, suspected, or past abuse. 

There are four (4) weekly meetings in the Richmond, Virginia area.  
                                                                        Meeting Locations & times 
A group consists primarily of parents, but relatives and friends, as well as others dealing with a family member's substance use disorder, are welcome members of the group.  The program focuses on the recovery of the family, not the user.  The basic strength of the program comes from fellowship and sharing of concerns.  Members learn that the illness affects the lives of everyone close to them and that there are ways to regain their serenity.  To get their lives back together, FA members work the twelve steps, attend weekly meetings, and take advantage of the fellowship that is freely offered by other members.  Anonymity is the spiritual foundation of the meeting & provides protection & respect for the fellowship.
There are no fees or dues and each group is self supporting.  
Online options: 
1) Emeetings 
 A listserv.   Members' emails are sent and shared.  To join:   Emeeting sign up
2) "Meeting without Walls"
 The "Meeting Without Walls" (MWW) is a 'live' online meeting.   The software, downloadable free, allows members to talk over the internet.  The online meeting requires a headset with microphone.  There are two (2) MWW meetings online: Sunday nights at 9:00 p.m., Wednesday 9 p.m. a Step Meeting. 
For more information call the FA World Service at 800-736-9805 (US only) or visit online at