Reading through this site you may find yourself asking, "What is this crap and where do I get it?" Below is a list of ingredients named and places that sell them.


Castile Soap - an olive oil soap.
Venice Soap - an olive oil soap, gradually became indistinguishable from Castile soap.
Windsor Soap - a perfumed lard soap; any lard soap will serve in its place.

Serviceable versions of these soaps can be bought from The Blue Ridge Soap Shed.


Many of the essential oils listed can be had from The Organic Witch. Other rare oils include: --

Citron Oil - from a plant related to the lemon.
Balsam of Peru Oil - from a resinous plant.

Leaf Lard - lard acquired from the fat around the kidneys of the pig. It is available already prepared from Flying Pigs Farms.