Fabio Miessi Sanches


in English

Research Interests

Empirical Industrial Organization and Applied Econometrics. 


PhD in Economics, London School of Economics (2013). 

Working Papers

Ordinary Least Squares Estimation of a Dynamic Game Model (with S. Srisuma and D. Silva Jr), International Economic Review, Vol. 57, No. 2, May 2016. 
An older version that contains the proof of an asymptotic equivalence can be found here

Minimum Distance Estimation of Search Costs using Price Distribution (with S. Srisuma and D. Silva Jr), accepted for publication, Journal of Business & Economics Statistics

Joint Analysis of the Discount Factor and Payoff Parameters in Dynamic Discrete Choice Games (with T. Komarova, S. Srisuma and D. Silva Jr), Conditionally Accepted, Quantitative Economics
Earlier versions of this research were circulated under the title "Identifying Dynamic Games with Switching Costs"

Identification and Estimation of a Search Model: A Procurement Auction Approach (with M. Mysliwski, S. Srisuma and D. Silva Jr) [Preliminary Version]

Work in Progress
Practice Location of Physicians (with F. Costa and L. Nunes)

Email: fmiessi@econ.puc-rio.br
Department of Economics, PUC-Rio
Marques de Sao Vicente, 225, Gavea
22451-900 - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil