Fabien LOTTE, PhD - BCI researcher

Brain-Computer Interaction with Virtual Worlds


Fabien LOTTE, PhD
email: fabien [dot] lotte [at] inria [dot] fr
Inria Research Scientist (CR1)
Inria Bordeaux Sud-Ouest / LaBRI, Potioc team
200 rue de la vieille tour - 33405 Talence Cedex
Phone number: +33 5 24 57 41 26
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Researcher ID: A-5913-2011


Hi!  Welcome to my professional homepage. This is basically a webpage about my research on Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI).
Please feel free to explore this website by using the navigation panel on the left. Don't hesitate to contact me if you want any additional information or if you are interested by a research collaboration.
If you have reached this website by chance but are not interested in BCI research, you can still have a look at the "Pictures and Videos" section, you may find it interesting :-). Enjoy!

***** (relatively) Recent News *****
  • 04/2016
  • 03/2016
    • A journal article accepted in Progress in Brain Research on neurophysiological and cognitive predictors of BCI performances (see section publications)
    • In Geneva for the PhD defense of Sareh Saeedi who proposed interesting contributions for adaptive BCI design. Congrats!
    • In Bruxelles for the NEM (New European Media) General Assembly, where Inria was elected as Steering Board member with me as its representative.
    • An abstract accepted at the Annual Meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping (OHBM) 2016, on Hybrid EEG-fMRI neurofeedback for motor imagery! (see section publications)
    • Léa Pillette joined us to do her Master thesis on BCI!
  • 02/2016
  • 01/2016
  • 12/2015
    • A paper accepted at CHI about EEG-based Neuroergonomics or how to use EEG to assess the ergonomics qualities of a human-computer interface! (see section publications)
    • My First PhD student, Jérémy Frey, has brilliantly and successfully defended his PhD, he is now a Doctor! Congratulations!
    • an abstract accepted at the Motor Speech Conference on ECoG based speech production analysis (see section publications)
  • 11/2015
    • A paper accepted in the journal PLoS One on predictors of mental-imagery based BCI performances (see also section publications)!
    • In Paris for a national meeting on invasive BCI.
  • 10/2015
  • 09/2015
  • 08/2015
  • 07/2015