Extraterrestrial Grail - The outer space board game of cunning and strategy!

The universe is teetering out of control and the aliens that inhabit it are getting restless. Rumors about total annihilation have spread through every corner of each galaxy. The rumor is that if one particular object can be obtained, then that alien’s race and home planet will be saved. Otherwise, their race will be exterminated and their home planet will be destroyed. One alien whispers to another, "What are we looking for?" The other alien snaps back, "The Grail, of course."

Extraterrestrial Grail is a turn-based strategy board game for 2-4 players. Extraterrestrial Grail takes place in outer space in which you are an alien searching for the Grail. Only one player gets the Grail at the beginning of the game, so the other aliens must find out where it is by fighting each other and exploring planets for it. The object of the game is to have the Grail card in your hand when time runs out.

This game was inspired by the board game in the book Interstellar Pig by William Sleator.

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Alternate Extraterrestrial Grail video game download link (installer)
Alternate Extraterrestrial Grail video game download link (zip)

Video Game Features
  • choose between 8 unique aliens with different special abilities!
  • choose from 25+ attribute cards which include ray guns, viruses, teleportation devices, and much more!
  • create your own custom deck of attribute cards to play with in game!
  • learn how to play Extraterrestrial Grail using the in-game beginner's tutorial