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1.    Calendar Utility : (Xl-97+) (updated 17/06/2007)

    When call pickup date from activecell & display in Calendar.
    It also finds\fills date in Active Sheet. Install as Add-ins is
    Optional. Can display difference day between two dates.

    Click here to Download another Add-ins that requires
    Activex Calendar Control installed on your machine.


2.     Letter Case :   (XL-97+) (updated 10/06/2007)

    1. Utillity to change text Case to UPPERCASE, lowercase, Proper Case and                      Sentence Case.
    2. Install as Add-in is Optional. Manual Un/Install.
    3. Progress Bar with % (Percentage).
    4. You can select multiple non adjacent cells from reference box.
    5. It is like a Multi-threading, So when it executing on large data
        in sheet1, you can go to sheet2 & select option to execute & so on.
    6. Small help with Scrolling text at bottom of Dialog with adjustable
        scrolling text speed by clicking on scrolling text on right/left side.

        Download another utility "Change Case in Excel Cells (Ver:1.08)" (Excel-2000+            Com Add-Ins)
        See Image & more info on Com-Addins Page.

3.    Thesaurus for Excel Ver. 1 : (Office-2000+) (updated 29/04/2005)

    To find similar meaning of words from cells text or selected words from a textbox.

4.    Workbook Navigation Ver 1.11 :   (XL-97 +) (updated 12/03/2011)

    Simple interface to work with large numbers of open Workbooks & Sheets.
    Install as Add-ins is Optional.
    Some features:
     1. Index of all Sheet Names in separate worksheet with hyperlink.
     2. Sort sheets ascending or descending, Create\remove multiple windows.
     3. Synchronies all the sheets to view same area in the worksheet.
     4. Copy activesheet without truncated of cells having more then 255 characters.
     5. Reduce file Size, may open some type of Corrupt files.
     6. List Directory & filenames, External link, comments, define names, shapes  with             hyperlink.
     7. Delete Empty rows, All Empty Worksheets, remove all page breaks, hide sheets.
     8. Display fullpath of Active Workbook in its Toolbar Button.
     9. Find string or External Link.
   10. e-mail\close loaded Add-ins.
   11. Right click on any controls & see options to select.
         e.g. RIGHT CLICK on Data Entry button & see option like Get Unique Records,             highlight duplicate entries, Extract Duplicate Records etc.
   12. Full Screen View.
   13. Can Highlights Entire Row.
   14. Can Shows Sheet name in window caption.
   15. Sent email from email id from cells.
   16. List Filname from Desktop.

5.    Sheets Hide-Unhide : (xl-97 +) (updated 20/04/2005)
     Quickly unhide\hide all Sheets.

6.    Indian Rupees (For Indian User) : (xl-97 +) (updated 01/11/2004)

    1. To convert number into Indian Rupees in Words.
    2. To convert number format to Indian Decimal System.
        To Convert number into words with formula with Indian or 
        English Number System, see Misc Files and scroll to 4 & 5.

 7.    VBA Modules Utility Ver. 1 for developers : (xl-97 +) (updated 13/08/2005)

    Adds Toolbar in VBA Windows with 6 buttons.
    Open all the modules form active project
    Close all the modules form active project
    Open all the modules form all the projects.
    Close all the modules form all the projects.
    Opens saved Projects from the browser folder.
    Close active project.
    Download Word Add-ins for the Word Developers.
    additional features :
    1. Adds one button "Speak Selection" in Tools Menus (works for excel-2000 +)

8.    Excel Menu -2003 Ver. 1 : (only for Excel-2007) (updated 16/06/2007)

    1. Adds Worksheet Menubar, Standard toolbar & Formatting toolbar in the Addins               Tab.
    2. Need to load only for the first time.
    3. All this three toolbars can be manually deleted by right clicking on the toolbar &            select Delete Custom Toolbar.
    4. File Size is only 20 kb. VBA Project is self certified signed & having 6 lines of vba         codes.

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