About Us

Executive Contracting, Inc. is a custom remodeling company founded by Joseph Buchino. The company's focus is on interior projects - kitchens, bathrooms, basements, decks, and trim work, but is flexible to meet your vision.

Joseph Buchino graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a bachelor's degree in construction management; and an associate's degree in construction technologies.

The college degrees were just the polish on top of Buchino's natural knack for construction. Buchino has been designing and constructing for homes since his first experience working on a home when he was just 16 years old. As a kid, he recalls riding his bike to construction sites near his neighborhood offering to help. His senior year in high school, he was featured in an article in the Washington Post for his achievements working on a custom house that sold for 1.35 million dollars in Mclean Virginia.

Buchino's hobby has become his job. He is detail-oriented and a perfectionist in his work. Executive Contracting, Inc. strives to combine the client's vision with the most modern upgrades to bring style and elegance to a home.

"Our focus is on the detail and quality of a job." Buchino has said.

Executive Contracting, Inc. is an intimate company focused on personal experience during a client's remodel. It relies on the excellent outcome of each project for its success. We will head into the future with continued perfectionism and the most premium remodeling methods.

At Executive Contracting, Inc. we specialize in remodeling and landscaping services to ensure the best possible home experience. High quality, competitive pricing and excellent customer service are key components of everything we do.