About me

I'm a philosopher working on theoretical issues related to social cognition. My research focuses primarily on debates about "theory of mind" or "mindreading", which is our capacity to reason about the psychological causes of behavior (e.g. beliefs, desires, emotions, character traits, etc.). Recently, I have been thinking about the cognitive underpinnings of stereotyping and prejudice, and the role that mindreading plays in these processes. My research also intersects with other issues in the philosophy of cognitive science, such as the relation between perception and cognition, the nature of concepts, and the nativist-empiricist debate. I am also very interested in questions about cognitive basis of moral judgment, and normative thinking more generally. I have additional, broader interests in philosophy of biology and evolutionary theory, especially as it pertains to questions about human (and non-human) social cognition. 

Bio: I grew up in Calgary, Alberta. I did my B.A. in Philosophy at the University of British Columbia (along with my older brother Adam, who is also a philosopher), and then stayed on to complete an M.A. I recently completed my Ph.D. at the the University of Maryland, College Parkwhere I worked under the supervision of Peter Carruthers. In the fall of 2017, I will be an instructor in the Department of Philosophy at the University of Rochester. 

When I'm not doing philosophy, I enjoy playing board games (the kind that ruin friendships), podcasts, hiking, and going to the theater. 

Speaking of custom oil paintings of your dog or cat: you should check out my mother Monique's pet portrait website.