Software Artifacts


Fusion RF Modeling Machine Learning. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2022-082. This repository provides access to code, data, trained machine learning models, and instructions for reproducing work of a recent publication, Towards Fast and Accurate Predictions of RF Power Deposition and Current Profile, by G. Wallace et. al, 2022 (J. Plasma Physics, Jul 2022).


QPIXL++ - Quantum Image Pixel Library.  Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory 2021-170. The QPIXL library currently supports the compilation of compressed quantum circuits for Flexible Representation of Quantum Images (FRQI) that contain quadratically fewer gates than previous implementations of FRQI and are NISQ-friendly as the circuits only contain CNOTs and single qubit rotation gates.  M. G. Amankwah, et al.,  “Quantum pixel representations and compression for N-dimensional images,” Scientific Reports, vol. 12, no. 1, p. 7712, May 2022.

(lots more coming soon)