Eugene Hash House Harriers

"A drinking club with a running problem"

EH3 De-trails:

May 22th - Sunday

Snatching Wood

CunnelAngus the Polar Whoretex , Yes Eye Would, Snatch Snatcher, & special guest(s)


You want detrails? YesEyeWood's gotcha covered. This trail will make up for last week's lack of a hash. It's A to A, very dog friendly, not very stroller friendly, but IF YOU BRING A DOG, ALSO BRING A LEASH , there will be turkey and eagle options, there will be beverage checks, there might be some shiggy, there might be rain, you should be there too


WHEN: 3:00 - 5:00 Sunday May 22th

Where: Awbrey City Park.

4291 River Rd.

Eugene, OR 97404


A note on Covid

We expect all hashers to follow current CDC guidelines in relation to masks. As CDC guidelines change, so will ours.

For fully (2 shots) vaccinated folks, the current guidelines are here:

For unvaccinated folks, the guidelines are here:

This means that as we move back to live trails, fully vaccinated folks can hash without masks. Unvaccinated folks are expected to read the guidelines and follow them.

Private property owners can make their own rules about increasing (but not decreasing) mask wearing on their own property. For example, if you host an On-In or a Beer Check, you can ask that anyone who comes inside to use the bathroom wear a mask.

Live trails are optional: You can still run a bit late behind the pack. Hares can request staggered starts.

We will see how this goes and reevaluate.


EH3 MisManageman8

EH3 Clown Hash, October 2014

Where does the hash take place?

We start from a different place each week. Check back here or on Facebook for upcumming detrails. Info typically doesn't get posted until a few days before the hash.

When does the hash meet?

Every Sunday unless otherwise noted. Start times are generally between 2-5 pm as the hare chooses. Special hashes will be listed in the calendar, which may be on a different day/time.

Where else you can find us:


What is Hashing?

Hashing is a more social version of Hare and Hounds, where one joins a pack of hounds (runners) to chase down the trail of flour set by a hare or hares (other runners), then gather at the end together for a bit of social activity known as the "On In" with refreshment, humorous camaraderie, jokes, songs, and sometimes a feast. The Eugene Hash House Harriers (commonly abbreviated "EHHH" or "EH3" and referred to as "The Hash") has been around for 25 years. The Eugene Hash is particularly fond of themed hashes (the Red Dress Hash, Clown Hash, Head Wound Hash, FFArt Hash, etc.) But not all of our hashes are dress-up.

Hare Line ...

December 19 - Polar Whoretex

December 26 - Tequila Cockingbird & Red Rim Jim Job

We need hares for November - December 2021!!!

Contact Polar Whoretex

Don't be shy... what could go wrong!?!

Who are these Hashers?

We're about 30 strong, although you'll usually find 20 Hashers at a hash on average. Runs are about 3-6 miles long. However, there are usually people who walk the hash (in case running isn't your thing). There are all levels of athletic ability, a wide span of ages, and varying levels of physical attractiveness. All you need to be a Hasher is half a mind and a fairly good tolerance for crude jokes.

What does it cost?

Generally $5.00 a hash. Can't get a better deal in town for an afternoon of fun, beer, friends and food.


Grand Mistress: Always Wet Pussy

Religious Adviser: Barely ManBelow

Hare Raiser: Polar Whoretex

Haberdashery Team: Barely ManBelow

Beermeisters: Space Invader

Hash Flash: Freeda GoodHome

Hashy Hour Coordinator: Bring 'em Young

Webmaster: Bangcock Taco