EH3 Clown Hash, October 2014

Eugene Hash

House Harriers

"A drinking club
with a running problem"

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Hash Calendar


Monday Runday - If you need a little extra something, come join Tequila Cocking Bird and [sometimes] Shut the Fuck Up on Monday evenings round about 6pm.

Venue:The Paddock 3355 E Amazon Dr. Either run the Rexius bark trail or head up the headwaters for a trail hill workout. Return to the Paddock for food and beverages afterwards

February Schedule

February 26: Beef Up Hash
3pm. 3990 Roosevelt Blvd, Eugene. 
Bring $5. And all the other necessary stuff to hash. BUF will beef you up, you are on your own for the F-ing. 

March 5: TBA



Grand Mistress: Finger It Out

Religious Adviser: Barely ManBelow

AssTaint: Hannibal LickedHer

Hare Raiser: Beef Up & Fuck

Trail Master: The Scrotunator

Scribe: Volunforced at hash

On-Sex: Always Wet Pussy

Web Masturbator: Uncle ReamUs & Useless Prick

Hash Cash: 6 of 9 YWBAM & Reamus

Haberdashery Team: Uncle ReamUs, Works for Tips & Barely ManBelow

Beermeisters: Barely ManBelow

Hash Flash: Volunforced at hash

Hashy Hour Coordinator: Bring 'em Young

Cuntcierge: Cuntcierge


Bimbos and Wankers:
Sunday is a Hashing Day. Check back on this site or the EH3 facebook page to find out where to meet and what time. You might have to bring a headlamp or flashlight so you can see flour.
Your On-Sex Always Wet Pussy will update this site as soon as Hares provide details. If you have questions that need to be answered in a timely fashion, text Always Wet Pussy at (541) 913-6573.  Call if you MUST, but then it might take her 6-8 weeks to get back to you.  On-On.

What is Hashing?
Hashing is a more social version of Hare and Hounds, where one joins a pack of hounds (runners) to chase down the trail of flour set by a hare or hares (other runners), then gather at the end together for a bit of social activity known as the "On In" with refreshment, humorous camaraderie, jokes, songs, and sometimes a feast. The Eugene Hash House Harriers (commonly abbreviated "EHHH" or "EH3" and referred to as "The Hash") has been around for 25 years. The Eugene Hash is particularly fond of themed hashes (the Red Dress Hash, Clown Hash, Head Wound Hash, FFArt Hash, etc.) But not all of our hashes are dress-up.

When does the hash meet? 
Every Sunday unless otherwise noted. Start times are generally between 2-5 pm as the hare chooses. Special hashes will be listed in the calendar, which may be on a different day/time. 

Where does the hash take place?
We start from a different place each week. Check back here or on Facebook for upcumming detrails.  Info typically doesn't get posted until a few days before the hash.  

Who are these hashers?
We're about 30 strong, although you'll usually find 20 hashers at a hash on average. Runs are about 3-6 miles long. However, there are usually people who walk the hash (in case running isn't your thing). There are all levels of athletic ability, a wide span of ages, and varying levels of physical attractiveness. All you need to be a hasher is half a mind and a fairly good tolerance for crude jokes.
What does it cost?

Generally $5.00 a hash. Can't get a better deal in town for an afternoon of fun, beer, friends and food.


We used to maintain an email Listserv. It has somewhat gone by the wayside. Try Facebook. 

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