Etna International Training School of Geochemistry

The “Etna International Training School of Geochemistry, 2019. Science meets practice” is hosted in Mt. Etna (Italy) at the "Osservatorio Vulcanologico Pizzi Deneri", one of the most important monitoring site of the INGV of Catania - Osservatorio Etneo, from 22nd to 27th July 2019. It is addressed to MSc holders, PhD students and Postdoctoral researchers. Its main aim is to bring together the next generation of researchers, active in studies concerning geochemistry, and to introduce them with innovative direct sampling and remote sensing techniques.

The Training School is going to keep a low-cost philosophy, providing students with a unique field experience supported by a group of expert teachers in a spectacular volcanic scenery. Furthermore, it gives young scientists an opportunity to experiment and evaluate new protocols and techniques to be used on volcanic fluid emissions covering a broad variety of methods.

Direct sampling of high-to-low temperature fumaroles, plume chemistry and flux measurements (using CO2/SO2 sensors such as Multi-GAS instruments, MAX-DOAS instruments, UV SO2 cameras, alkaline traps and particle filters) and determination of diffuse soil gas fluxes of endogenous gases (CO2, Hg0, CH4 and light hydrocarbons) will be explained during brief theoretical sessions and directly applied in the field. An active participation of the students to the fieldwork will be requested. Hence, the teaching approach will include frontal lessons, practical demonstrations and field applications. The course will be held in English.