Welcome to the group website of Ethan Lan Lab of Metabolic Engineering and Synthetic Biology Laboratory
at the National Chiao Tung University


2018-02-28:    Jason's paper on balanced ATP driving force for cyanobacteria is published. Read more

2017-12-05:    Jason & Wiwik's paper on butyraldehyde is published. Read more

2017-08-24:    Congratulations to Jessica and Mindy for successfully completing their Master thesis.

2017-07-10:    Our lab welcomes new members Joy, Kevin, Rex, and Eric

2017-06-24:    Congratulations to Jason and Martin for receiving first place and honorable mention awards                         for oral presentation at 2017 BEST conference. Read More

2017-06-15:    Sepwin successfully defended his Master Thesis. Congrats!

2017-04-03:    Martin & Jason gave their talks at the 253rd ACS national meeting in San Francisco.
                       Both of them also were awarded travel grants from MOST. Congrats

2016-11-26:    Jason & Martin gave their English talks at the 2016 TwICHE annual conference

2016-11-07:    Our very first research paper is published online. Read more
                       Wiwik graduated from our group. Congratulations!

2016-07-11:    Our lab welcomes Martin's return and August & Jemmy.

2016-02-01:    Our lab welcomes Arvin & Crystal

2015-10-29:    Martin's review is published online. Read more

2015-10-28:    Our lab welcomes new member Fung Ling

2015-10-15:    Ethan gave a talk at YABEC 2015 conference at Chuncheon, Korea

2015-09-03:    Ethan's paper from post-doc years is published. Read more

2015-09-03:    Our lab welcomes new members, Jessica, Mindy, Jason, Jerry, Tracy, William, Ryan, and                             Vincent.

2015-05-04:    Congratulations to Ethan's PhD advisor Professor James C. Liao for his election to the                                 National Academy of Science. Read more

2015-03-13:    Ethan gave a talk at the Department of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University

2015-02-05:    Ethan gave a talk at Kasesart University 

2014-11-10:    Ethan gave a presentation at iBioT conference in Tainan, Taiwan

2014-11-10:    Ethan gave a talk at YABEC 2014 conference and Cross-Taiwan Strait Symposium of                                   Bioenergy and Biorefinery, both at ChiaYi, Taiwan

2014-11-10:    Ethan gave a departmental seminar talk at Department of Chemical Engineering, National                           Tsing Hua University