Where Can I Pay Someone To Do My Homework?

As a student, you might feel overwhelmed with assignments on a daily basis. In such days, you will most likely need to work with a writer in order to get your homework done. But finding a good writer that offers you professional writing services is not as easy as it might seem. Even if there are many writing platforms on the market, not all of them offer the same quality.

You will have to work with the best do my homework sites if you are aiming for high-quality online homework services. We put together a set of writing platforms that will offer you such services and save you from any extra hassle.

Best writing platforms for your homework

The following websites are very reliable and you can trust them with any kind of homework you might have. And one of the best aspects about it is that you don’t have to break your budget to pay for homework help if you know how to choose the best offer for your situation.


The first platform where you can find help with your homework that we want to introduce to you is Studdit.com. If you are looking to pay someone to do your homework online, this is one of the best websites to check out.

How this platform works

Placing your first order on Studdit.com is as easy as 1-2-3. you will have to complete a few steps in order to complete the order form and wait to receive your final paper.

Add basic information about your homework

You will have to choose the academic level of your homework from high-school, college, university or Phd. Here you will also choose the type of paper which can be an essay, a presentation, a report, research paper and even more complex projects you might have to cover as part of your homework. You will choose the number of pages or the word count of your paper so the writer gets an idea of the size of your homework. Another important information you will be asked to give your writer is the deadline.

Choose your writer and give extra details about the topic of your homework

On the next page you will be required to add important details about the topic of your homework. You can choose between a basic writer, advanced writer and top writer. Each type of writer comes at different fee, but the basic writers will work on your homework for no additional cost other than the price of your order.

Create an account and complete the payment

In order to submit your order, you will have to create an account. You can create your account before you place your order but you can also create it as part of the order form. Once you log in with your account you will be able to choose the payment method which can be a credit card that you own.

That is all you have to do to submit an order with Studdit.com and pay to get homework done. Now all you have left to do is wait to receive your homework within the deadline that you established.


When you look to pay someone to do my homework online, the cost of your investrment can be stressful. But on this platform you can count on budget-friendly costs and there are different offers to everyone.

The prices you will find on the website are per page and they only have an orientation character. The final cost of your homework will be calculated according to your specific needs and expectations as well as the extra features you add to your order.

As a starting level, your homework will cost about $10 per page at a high-school level, $12 per page at a college level, $18 per page for university level and $20 per page for a PhD level.


Another platform you can use to find a great writer that can successfully cover your homework is PaperHelp.org. You can use this website to write any type of essay as well as edit or proofread a paper. And when it comes to your homework, you will definitely find all the services you need on PaperHelp.org.

How to use PaperHelp.org

You will find this website very self-explanatory soi you will not be left to guess anything. All the instructions are available on the platform so you will only spend a few minutes to cover your order submit.

Place your order

As you place your order you will simply have to submit the online form that you find on the website. You will choose the type of paper you need according to your homework as the platform offers you many options to choose from. Add the length of the paper as well as your deadline when you submit your order as well. Make sure you give as many details as you can regarding your homework so the writer who will work on it will know how to meet the standards you want.

Use a valid email

You will not be able to complete your order without a valid email. It is crucial to sign up on this platform by using an email that you can easily access. PaperHelp.org has a simplified log in feature so you can simply add your email and you will get into your account. This email will be used to receive updates regarding your homework as well as notifications that you might be interested in.

Make the payment

Paying for your order is the last step in your order form. You can complete the payment by using your credit card or a payment application that will be suggested to you at the check out point. Once your payment is processed, a professional writer will start to work on your homework so you will receive it within your deadline.


As far as the prices go, PaperHelp.org has different costs for different academic levels. Therefore you can expect to pay $10 per page for a high-school paper, $12 for a college paper, $18 for a university paper and $20 for a PhD homework.

It is important to mention that the type of writer you choose will also impact your final price. Basic writers come at no extra fee but there is a charge for advanced and top writers if you want them to complete your homework.


The last writing platform we want to introduce to you is EvolutionWriters. This platform is one of the most professional that you will find and it covers all types of homework you might need. If you are looking to hire someone to do my homework, your search will definitely lead you to this website.

How to make the most out of EvolutionWriters

Using this platform is not much different than the previous ones. But there are certain details that might convince you to choose EvolutionWriters over other similar websites.

Choose the basics

When you place your order you will choose between three levels such as undergraduate, bachelor and professional level. This is slightly different than other platforms that let you choose from more specific academic levels. You will also specify the type of paper you need as your homework and the length it should have. Your deadline is also important so make sure you add it here.

Account and payment

If you didn’t create your account before you started to complete the order form, you can do that as you fill the form too. It takes only a minute to add your email address and verify your account. You will also be able to complete the payment before you submit your order. You can pay with your credit card or third parties apps.

What are the prices

The prices you will find on this platforms are also a bit different than the previous ones. While a high-school paper will cost you $10 per page, for bachelor level homework you will pay $19 and for professional level you will pay $23. there are also different costs from writing from scratch services, editing services, multiple choice questions and problem solving services. So, the best way to know how much you might have to pay for your homework is to check the website and study the Prices page.

Do you need to work with a platform that offers refund or revisions?

Every time you look for where can i pay someone to do my homework, you will come across a myriad of options and writing platforms. But not all these platforms offer you the same quality so chances are that you will need corrections before you can say your homework is complete the way you want it to be.

Considering this aspect, is crucial to work with a platform that includes revisions and refunds in their policy. The last thing you want is to waste your money on a paper that you can’t use at school. So, check the policy of a writing platform before investing in it. We can assure you that all three writing platforms in this guide come with a refund and revision policy that you can read directly on their website.

Final thoughts

Even top students might need help with their homework every now and then. And when this moment comes, it is very important to work with a writer that you can rely on. The writing platforms in this guide offer you high-standard services that will satisfy all your needs and expectations with absolutely no hassle. Complete the order form on the platform of your choice and take care of other important tasks while an expert writer completes your homework.