How To Write A 3 Page Essay In An Hour

If you have one hour to write a three page assay, you might think that the time is too short to create a quality paper. But if you follow the information in this guide you will see that this is not the case. You can hire a professional writer to complete your essay at best quality within such a short deadline or you can decide to write the paper yourself. Writing a three page essay is similar to how long does it take to write a 5 page paper double spaced since the word count tends to stay the same. Formatting can make a big difference in the length of your essay and usually, you will have to follow the format required by the university guidelines.

The following tips are for those of you who decide to write the essay instead of hiring a writer. If you want to work with a professional writer all you need to do is submit a request on one of the writing platforms and a writer will get the paper done for you. One of the best such platforms is PaperHelp and you will not have to worry about anything else once you submitted your request.

Prewriting Phase

In the prewriting phase, you will prepare your essay in a more technical manner. During this phase you will have to make sure you have a good understanding of the topic of your essay. You will have to research the topic and find interesting or useful ideas to add to your essay. A brainstorming session might be useful as well. During the brainstorming phase, you can put down on a paper everything you might want to include in your essay. You will most likely not use all this information but having it in front of you as you write your essay will help you decide what information to use and what to skip easier.

However, you will have to keep this prewriting phase short since you only have one hour to finish the entire essay. If you give 15 minutes top to this phase it should be enough. At the end of the prewriting phase, you should have a well-established outline for your paper as well as a good idea about the topic you need to cover in your three-page essay.

Writing Your Essay

Writing your essay should take anywhere from 30 minutes to 40 minutes. You will have to save the time you need to correct it at the end as well. During the writing phase, follow the outline you created in the prewriting stage. It is important to also follow the research you decided to incorporate in your final paper. Take your essay one section at a time and address the main idea of each part of your paper to make sure everything makes sense.

Start by writing the introduction and move on to complete each section until you get to the conclusion. Make sure that you connect all the sections together so that your final essay will make sense to the reader. It is essential to add valuable information and stay away from any unnecessary sentences that you might have been tempted to use in your writing.

As you write your essay you will not have to worry about grammar mistakes, even if it is nevertheless important to try to write it as correctly as possible so you have less to change in the review stage. Focus on the structure of the essay and the information you add to it and leave details such as grammar and punctuation for the last phase of this process.

Post Writing Tips

Once your essay draft is completed, it is time to polish it and make sure it has the quality you want it to have for your future audience. This is the phase where you will read over your paper one last time and keep an eye out for grammar mistakes as well as punctuation mistakes and any other writing shortcomings that could lower the standards of your paper. Since you are reading over your essay again, make sure that it makes sense to your audience. Check if the information you added to each paragraph is relevant to your topic and if it brings value to your conclusion. All the data you put in your essay should add up to support the final conclusion you reach.

If you read over your paper and corrected the mistakes you can be sure that you ended up with a quality essay at the end of this process. This step might take anywhere from five to ten minutes so it is important to plan for it even before you start writing your paper. Failing to review your essay can lead to mistakes in your final paper and lower your grade.

Follow the phases in this article and you will discover that it is not as difficult to write your essay and it is even easy as long as you have a good structure. When you write an essay fast, you should still keep your eyes on the quality of your essay. Without quality, you will not end up with the results you are aiming for. If you think that you don’t have time to write a quality essay in one hour, you can always hire a professional writer. Sometimes, the topic you need to cover might be too complex for you to be able to do it at the standards that you need. Other times it might be that you don’t even have that one hour to complete your three page essay. Whatever is the case, make sure your essay gets written at the best quality whether by you or by a professional in the matter.