Soft matter lab at DCI, UGTO

Our main interest is colloidal science, in particular: rheology and microrheology of complex fluids, colloidal dynamics under confinement, anisotropic colloids, active colloids in confinement or trapped in optical tweezers, application of deep learning on soft matter, and more recently interaction of colloids with laser-induced external fields, including application of optical tweezers in colloids and in Biophysics.

We are also interested in propagation of light in turbid media: biomedical applications of the recovery of optical properties, monte carlo methods for simulating light propagation and development of dynamic light scattering techniques for soft matter research.


Tel: + 52 477 788 5100 ext 8494

e-mail: esarmiento(at), esargom(at)

First virtual meeting, August 2020


Current students working in the lab:

  • Juan Manuel Molina (PhD student)

  • Norma Palmero (PhD student)

  • Daniela Ramirez (Master student)

  • Ramón A. Castañeda (Social Service)

Close collaborator: Natalia Rincón (Associate Professor, DCI, UGTO)

Accepted paper: Activation energy, spatial confinement, and mean first passage and escape times of a tracer in a wormlike micellar fluid: an effective potential approach, in Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, in collaboration with Ivan Guerrero, UASLP.

Accepted paper: Fluorescent organic particle doped polymer-based gel dosimeter for neutron detection, in Applied Radiation and Isotopes, in collaboration with the medical physics group, DCI.

Accepted paper: Two-dimensional Brownian motion of anisotropic dimers, in Phys. Rev. E. Collaboration with Thomas Franosh and Stefan Egelhaaf

Accepted paper: On the time transition between short- and long-time regimes of colloidal particles in external periodic potentials, in Frontiers in Physics