Prayer Support

Over the years, many people have shared with me that it feels so helpful to express their private thoughts to me—whether they be grievances, fears, hopes, dreams, etc.— and to not be judged. It has been my greatest joy to hold the space for these thoughts to be expressed and to feel the healing that occurs when together, we hand those thoughts over to Spirit.

If you're struggling with private thoughts about anything at all, or wish to simply place your prayer(s) on the Alter of Spirit, I invite you to click here and fill out this Prayer Support form (which only I will see) in order to feel a sense of relief. When you fill out this form it will send me an email with what you've written, and I'll then join you in giving these thoughts over to Spirit and asking for Help. If I feel guided to (and you've requested it in the form), I'll also be happy to share with you any words of comfort or guidance I may be hearing.

-Prayer Support Form-

Much Love to you!


P.S. This Prayer Service is perfectly free but if you ever feel inspired to support my ministry, you can make a donation through through the button below.