Music & Talks

On this page, you can freely access a lot of audio recordings I've put online over the past several years. Some of them are public talks or interviews I've given on the subject of my spiritual practice (often with live songs sprinkled in), and others are music recordings, including my studio album Heaven is Perfect. Enjoy!

You can also find song sheets with the lyrics and (for some songs) the chords if you click here.

Full Concerts / Talks / Interviews

This album contains several public talks (and a couple interviews) I've given, which you can listen to or download them freely.

Heaven is Perfect Studio Album

This is my studio album, recorded at Living Miracles Studio in Kamas, Utah. This link will take you to Living Miracles Studio's webpage.

Misc. Studio Recordings/Demos

This album contains songs I've recorded home studio "demos" of. You can listen to/download them freely, or donate whatever amount you feel inspired to.

Live Song Recordings

This album contains live versions of my songs. You can listen to/download them freely, or donate any amount you feel inspired to.

Click on any of the following links to find more music on these various online sites...

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