> Diagrams of Armor


Comparing the Medieval Armor I wear to the Roman Armor Paul likely saw when chained to a Roman soldier.  The suit of armor on the left was worn in the late 1500's, the suit at the right was worn in the first century A.D. so that there are 1,500+ years of history between this technology.  Paul speaks about the shoes of the gospel of peace and when you look at the shoes worn by a knight vs. those worn by the Roman soldier the similarity is protection but the Roman's 'sandals' were designed with a very tough sole since the Roman soldier was a foot soldier, the knight, in contrast, was a mounted soldier so the top of the foot was covered to protect it against foot soldiers who might come up to cut his feet but the sole of the knight's under sandal was not as well designed for foot travel as that of the Roman soldier.  The belt not seen in the picture of the knight was worn around the waste to help hold the armor together and the Roman's belt was worn for the same reason - both belts were worn as places to put the sword in a sheath to keep it handy.  The swords are similar and the shields were similar as well although we don't see the knight's shield in the diagram.  Both shields could be used to quench fire arrows shot at them.  The Roman shield could be one of thick leather soaked in water and the knight's shield could be of wood with perhaps fur or lambs wool soaked in water to accomplish the same purpose.  The helms are similar in function as are the breastplates.