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Weevils of Ukraine

Goal: This project aims the assessment of weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea) diversity of Ukraine in an account of species richness, relative abundance, interjections with host plants, as well as spatial and temporal distribution throughout the primary vegetation types and ecoregions of Ukraine.

Data on distribution and phenology of species are available from
UkrBIN Ukrainian Biodiversity Information Network

Nikolai Yunakov (project coordinator)
(Natural History Museum, University of Oslo, Norway) 
Vitaliy Nazarenko : Hyperinae, Molytinae
(Schmalhausen Institute of Zoology, Kyiv, Ukraine)
Rostislav Filimonov : Curculioninae
(Russian Entomological Society, St. Petersburg, Russia)
Semyon Volovnik : Lixinae
(Ukrainian Entomological Society, Melitopol, Ukraine)
Boris Korotyaev : Ceutorhynchinae
(Zoological Institute RAS, St. Petersburg, Russia) 
Michail Mandelshtam Scolytinae
(Russian Entomological Society, St. Petersburg, Russia)
Alexander Petrov 
(Russian Entomological Society, Moscow, Russia)
Tatyana Nikulina : 
(Ukrainian Entomological Society, Donetsk, Ukraine)