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i have released  an album of songs on 28th june 2017 called HARPERS FAN

My music is now available on
Spotify, and Google play and all major platforms

My first record to be released in America on Ba da Bing records New York, was released  august 2014

there is a You-Tube channel for this artist which includes
songs and poems.  There is a link
to a song on the right.

This artist has written and produced 31 solo albums
and four records as The Marilyn Decade with Michael Beard.

        Harpers Fan                            June 28th 2017 
        Snake Pit Restaurant             October 1st 2016
         Save the Elephants                  July 1st 2016
         Boxing Love                            May 2016
         Reckless                                 Oct  2015
         Hotel of strangers                   April  2015
         Jasmine Tea                            Feb    2015
         High plains drifter
                   August 2014
         Parkers and Poytails             Dec 1st 2014
         The Fall out                               June 1st 2014
         Grooving on magick Current2    Dec 1st 2013
         Kick it home                       September 1st 2013
         Mare`s Tail                        march 1st 2013
         Deep in the Afternoon       march 1st 2012
         Stranded                            Dec 1st 2011
         CRAZIES HILL    2011         The Marylin Decade
         Slow planet                         2010
         Or Am I dreaming?                   2010
         Rainbow policeman 2010
         There goes the neighbourhood 2010
         On a moonday evening 2009
         An english afternoon by    The Marilyn Decade
         The islands 2008     
         grooving on magick current 1        2007
         The Midnight Tapes (Burlesque)     2006
         Bohemian 2007
         Atlantic Guitarfish                        2006
         The missing years
         Chinese food
         Friday Street 
         Mr Jones - 2004
         OK Sweden      by The Marilyn Decade 
         Feel it - 2004 P
         Private View - 2003
         This is my favourite tree - 2001 Vitaminic
  •  THE MARILYN DECADE - 1995   Freek Records UK 



    download the free track now, its not available anywhere else..

    Download sample track - Lover's Lane - 10 Mb
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    I need a hand

    Youtube now have a selection of videos of richards there using richard conway jones to find the current free video.