5. Empathy Cafe Facilitator

The Empathy Cafe is an open forum for larger groups, from 8 to 20 or more participants, to take part. The participants meet for an initial introduction and then divide into smaller Empathy Circles of 4 or 5. These can be hosted online or in person.

Online Empathy Cafe

This format has several roles.

  • Empathy Cafe Facilitator *

  • Empathy Cafe Facilitator facilitates the overall event.

      • Hosts Full Group Introduction (10 to 15 minute)

    • Breakout Groups

      • Hosts Full Group participant debrief on the experience. (15 minute)

  • Empathy Cafe Producer

  • The Producer keeps track of the technical aspects.

    • Supports the Empathy Cafe Facilitator

    • Makes sure everyone's audio, video, etc are working.

    • They sort participants into breakout rooms of 4 to 5 participants including a circle facilitator.

    • If people get dropped from a breakout room and come back, that they get added to the room again.

    • Post Production

    • After the circle they upload the video to YouTube and Facebook.

    • Create circle thumbnail/cover images.

    • Do transcription of the feedback.

    • Adds material to the website.

    • etc.

  • Circle Facilitator

  • Each circle has a Facilitator that has experience with the circle process and supports everyone in staying in the process. The Circle Facilitator also tracks the time.

  • Participants

  • Take part and enjoy the process.

In Person Empathy Cafe