Facilitator Training

Steps to Becoming an Empathy Circle Facilitator

See the New Module 1 Course Website

The Empathy Circle practice is a simple and effective way to hold constructive dialogue. The basic process is simple enough that most people can facilitate an Empathy Circle after viewing the How To instructions and taking part in one or two. While it is simple to get started, it is the first step in a lifetime of deepening and building on the practice to create an empathic way of being and culture.

"An empathic way of being can be learned from empathic persons. Perhaps the most important statement of all is that the ability to be accurately empathic is something which can be developed by training." ― Carl Rogers


Here are some steps to become an Empathy Circle and Empathy Cafe facilitator. The best way is to learn by doing.

1. Review this Website and Read the Different Pages.

Familiarize yourself with the resources on this website.

2. View the Videos at, HOW TO EMPATHY CIRCLE?

These are the basic instructions for taking part in an Empathy Circle.

3. View Some Sample Empathy Circles

We have recordings of many Empathy Circles. You can watch them to see how they work.

4. Take Part in Empathy Circles as a Participant: See the Calendar

The best way to learn to be a facilitator is to take part in as many Empathy Circles as you can. Learn by doing.

5. View the Five Empathy Circle Facilitator Training Videos

Module 1: Introduction to Empathy Circle Facilitator Training

You can also view this new version of Module 1.

Session 1 Videos

Contents: Exploring the values and principles of a Culture of Empathy

Session 2 Videos

Contents: Tips and Empathy Circle on being a facilitator.

Session 3 VideosContents: Each participant practices giving the 'How to take part in an Empathy Circle' presentation. Also practice facilitation on your topic and dial up the level of challenging participants.

Session 4 Videos

Contents: Each participant practices giving the 'How to take part in an Empathy Circle' presentation. Also practice facilitation on your topic and dial up the level of challenging participants.

Session 5 Videos

Contents: Intermigration of the learnings and feedback.

6. Take Part in an Empathy Circle Facilitator Training

Note: ( ) Take part in at least 3 Empathy Circles before taking the facilitator training.

Training cohorts are formed periodically. The training consists of:

    1. Taking part in and experiencing an Empathy Circle.

    2. Understanding the structure of the circle and the values behind it

    3. Facilitating an Empathy Circle with an experienced facilitator.

    4. Facilitating an Empathy Circle

    5. Training others in facilitating Empathy Circle

7. Attend the Weekly Empathy Circle Facilitator Support Group

We meet every week to give support to anyone that is working to facilitate. Share your experiences and get support and feedback.

Review Facilitator Report Recordings

These are reports by Empathy Circle facilitators given in the weekly Facilitator Support Group. Each facilitator or prospective facilitator gets 15 minutes to share an experience and ask for any support from fellow faciliators.

8. Hold Empathy Circles

  1. Reach out to two or three friends and invite them to take part in an Empathy Circle.

  2. Show them the, How-To Videos, give them the How To one page PDF to print out.

  3. Just Do It.

9. Join the Empathy Circles Work Group for Updates

Join this Facebook group for discussions, notices, updates, etc.

10. Keep Deepening Your Experience with Empathy Circles and Show Others How to Become Facilitators.

11. Train the Trainers

We will be setting up a Train the Trainers group as well so that you can train others to spread the practice.

12. Donations Accepted.

We want to spread the Empathy Circle practice and way of being as widely as possible to contribute to our personal, social and cultural well being. We are glad to offer the training for free to anyone that would like to take part. If you would like to donate to the training development project, you can donate here.

more to come....