New Literacies

Vermont Reads Institute
Digital Literacy: What Does It Mean to Be Literate in a Digital World?
Presenters: Maggie Eaton and Elizabeth McCarthy

What does it mean to be literate in a digital world?
This is a question I have been asking myself and others for some time, particularly with the constant changes in how we communicate and find information online, as well as the fact that more and more of us have access to online digital devices. How is the way we teach literacy skills in school keeping up with what it means to be literate in a world where information is no longer just printed text on paper? Are students using digital literacy to develop understanding and engage in their learning?Steve Covello outlines the subdisciplines of the digital literacies as information literacy, computer literacy, media literacy, communication literacy, visual literacy, technology literacy. Since his list in 2010, I would add the newer domain of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc...) To be literate in today’s world is to be able to access online information, comprehend it at high levels, critically evaluate information as to it’s reliability and credibility, as well as create, collaborate, communicate, curate and publish all within the sub-disciplines of digital literacy. (from my blog post June 20, 2012)

Finding Digital Learning in The Common Core