"I want this area policed!!!"

   Sputtered by James T. to Tim upon returning to a rather disheveled campsite. Tim, for once was at a loss for words.
"Get on it!"
   Shouted directive to a lagging racer. Given the time period, the object of the admonition was probably a Renault Fuego running (walking) in showroom stock.

"You'd rather walk though a den of hungry lions wearin' pork chop underwear than mess with me."

Used by a former attendee to a) back down a angry, drunken assailant, and b) give humor a shot at diffusing a tense situation. Legend has it b was the outcome.

"I can't believe you did that."

The scene: Friday night. Ken-Ev campground. Chicago chapter begins a furious round of "bigger than we should be able to buy" fireworks exploding prizmatically over the swamp below. Camp authorities descend to our vista-level gathering and dole out some anti-fireworks chastisment. Saturday evening: after a bit of alchohol, the camp lady decides it is time to make some friendly rounds. She stumbles to our conclave and babbles "How's it goin' guys?". This is answered promptly with a round of rockets from Mr. Harris. Being a bit inebriated, she simply utters the quote and stumbles on.