Elio Martusciello (born 23 November 1959, Naples, Italy) 

He is an italian electroacoustic and experimental music composer, musician and visual artist. He has studied photography with Mimmo Jodice and visual art with Carlo Alfano, Armando De Stefano and Rosa Panaro. He is a self taught musician/composer and teaches "electronic music" at Conservatory of Music "San Pietro a Majella", Naples, Italy.

His compositional aesthetics are derived from acousmatic issues, but in addition to acousmatic composition he composes for instruments and live electronics, sound installation, multi-media works, audiovisual art and computer music improvisation.

He is a founding member of "IATO" (musicians collectives), "IXEM" (Italian eXperimental Electronic Music) and "BOWINDO" (experimental italian label).

He currently lives in Rome, Italy.