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Kids With Character!

Kids with Character! is a must for the elementary school classroom.  Written to enhance a character development programs, it is used daily in many classrooms as well as at monthly assemblies to celebrate the "Character Trait of the Month". 
The Kids with Character! songbook includes the music, teaching suggestions and printable songsheets (with music) for the following 8 songs;
Kids With Character
Respect (a fun active cha cha cha song)
Responsibility  (taking responsibility for actions is the theme of this sweet song)
Listen Closely and Believe Me (a heartfelt song encouraging honesty)
Compassion (this song not only teaches about Compassion, it teaches kids to spell the word)
Perseverance (a cowboy song teaching kids to stick to their guns)
Self Discipline (a perfect song for making the child know they have super powers within to keep them under control)
Citizenship (a march to make you patriotic)
Kids with Character has a matching CD that includes a performance and accompaniment version of the songs.