Studio History

The Eldridge Vocal Studio has been teaching students in FL and NC since 2002.

In 2002, as soon as I graduated from Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida, I began teaching voice in a local store -- Dr. Wind's Music.  The owner and staff there were very supportive for a new teacher and took care of almost all my advertising needs.  

Within a year I was also an adjunct instructor at the local community college where I met more local colleagues and taught a curriculum that allowed me to expand my classical teaching repertoire.

Before leaving Florida for North Carolina I coached and taught at a small recording studio!  This is where I enjoyed learning how the production end of the singing business works.  It was also a lot of fun teaching and singing Contemporary Commercial Music.

Throughout all of this, I also had students come to lessons in my home and taught music theater in a summer camp.

In 2005 I suspended my business to care for seriously ill family member.  This cloud's silver lining was that my husband and I moved to Charlotte, NC where 
I re-opened my business in 2007.

While accepting a few students in our very small south Charlotte apartment, I joined the staff of the Charlotte Academy of Music in 2009.  They were a start up business then, too and we had a wonderful association for a year, after which I concentrated on my Home studio.

FINALLY in March 2011 I moved to Lincolnton!  Although this required 'starting over' because the distance was too far for my Charlotte students to travel, it has been worth it.  

Here I have a true teaching studio space with all my pianos, music and technology readily at hand.  My students have a comfortable waiting area and ample parking. 
The Studio is centrally located in Lincoln County. 

I hope to continue in business here for many years to come.