Things You Want To Know

Instructor’s Responsibilities:

For Vocal Students

>Advise and instruct students in techniques for safe, accurate and pleasing sound production.

>Assist students in reaching vocal and musical education goals.

>Be ready and on time for each class.

>Produce clear, accurate billings for services rendered.

For Piano Students

>Present all the basics -- posture, hand position, physical techique; reading printed music and placing it on the keyboard.

>Prepare a curriculum plan that meets the student's goals.

>Be ready and on time for each class.

>Produce clear, accurate billings for services rendered.

Students’ Responsibilities:

>Be on time and bring all assigned music/books to each class.

>Practice according to your personalized schedule.

>Notify Instructor as soon as possible if you are going to be late or miss a class.

>Pay for services rendered as arranged.

Classroom Etiquette:

>Parents are welcomed as observers -- siblings and friends are not.

>A waiting area is provided for parents, other students, etc.

>Students may want to record their lesson, so feel free to bring a small recorder of your own.

>Hydration (water or other liquids) may be brought into the studio provided the container has a tight-fitting lid or cap.


>Parent/Teacher discussion can usually be accommodated at the end of each teaching session.

Overview of typical class:

>Warm-up and stretching exercises - up to 15 minutes

>Review and work on prepared material - 20 minutes or more.

>Introduction of new material - remaining time

Curriculum Topics:

For Vocal Students:

>Posture and breathing technique

>Understanding the relationship between mouth, tongue, throat and vocal tone, resonance

>Learning complete songs that meet the student's interest

>Performance readiness skills

>Basic to advanced reading and understanding of musical notation

For Piano Students:

>Posture and proper use of hands and arms

>How to read and understand printed music (Music Theory)

>How to apply that knowledge to the piano keyboard

>Performance readiness in keeping with the student's current abilities


>Invoices are produced monthly for 1 class per week.

>Invoices are distributed 1 week prior to the beginning of each monthly set of classes.


45 minutes = $40.00

30 minutes = $30.00

(Recommended lesson length: grade school students - 30 mins; middle school and up - 45 minutes)


>Payment may be made for the month, in full, at the beginning of each set of classes


> Payment may be made prior to each class.

>Checks and cash and debit/credit though PayPal are happily accepted .

>ALL CHECKS should be made out to ELDRIDGE VOCAL STUDIO.

>Please try to have exact change if paying in cash - instructor keeps less than $30 on hand.

Missed Classes:

Excused Absence:

-– illness (fever, coughing, sneezing, anything potentially contagious) If you are ill, you should make that decision the night before your lesson and notify me. Cases of prolonged illness or convalescence will be handled on an individual basis.

-- planned, pre-arranged vacations, events

-- proven extreme and sudden emergency.

>Excused absences will be credited to the next month (if paid in advance) or rescheduled at everyone’s convenience.

If necessary, a refund will be issued.

Unexcused Absence:

-- Called in to work, too much homework, sudden invitation to the beach, concert, ski trip or I can't get a ride will not be honored as acceptable.

>>Unless you have met the requirements for an EXCUSED absence, I expect you to pay for the lesson I prepared for you, and for the time I reserved for you. Do not expect another lesson unless you can pay for the missed lesson, too.

For those who pay in advance:

You will NOT be given credit or a refund unless I have declared your absence EXCUSED.

>Multiple UNEXCUSED absences will result in the student being dropped from the studio.

Music and Accompaniment:

>Students are responsible for acquiring their own music. I can assist in finding music resources and sometimes offer material for sale.

>Vocal Students are encouraged to obtain pianists to work with them during the lessons and for performance purposes. Otherwise,

pre-recorded accompaniment can and will be used.