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UPNP Client


Since version 4.0, MediaMonkey does include both a client and a server. Please avoid this plugin.


This is a simple UPNP client. It adds a node in MediaMonkey tree view. Whenver you click on a server, it polls the server at that moment. It uses part of Windows Media Player installation in order to get ahold of the network packages. However, the interpretation of the packages is something that I myself created.


The script is based on the UPNP components that are part of Windows Media Player 11, and probably Windows itself. Windows XP might not have it by default, but Vista does. If you can browse the UPNP servers via Network Places, then you are already set.

You will also need Microsoft XML parser (should be there by default).

I only checked the scripts with MediaMonkey version 3. The new installer system is being used, so that you only need to double click on the the .mmip files. On Vista, I recommend to install MediaMonkey on a location that is not part of "Program Files". The reason being is that MediaMonkey copies the scripts into its own scripts directory, so ideally UAC should pop up. But it does not, and thus the copy fails and the scripts are not being installed.

Known problems (v0.5)

I was experiencing a problem with SimpleCenter UPNP server. What happens is that it fails while iterating, something that should not happen at all! If you get an error in just the line that says "For Each Service in Device.Services", then you have the same problem as me. I traced the error to the MediaRenderer part of the UPNP device. As I have no control over this (looks like an implementation issue), I simply put a check that should bypass further testing.

MusicIP Mixer (as reported by Teknojnky) is facing more or less the same problem. I am waiting for Teknojnky to come back if this solved his problem to him.

The right thing to do would to parse the device XML. Unfortunately, this is not part of the UPNP API, meaning that there I should be implementing the UPNP client from scratch! Do not expect a change here unless there is an easy way around.

Somehow, following devices do not show up, even if it shows in the Roku:
Philips Media Manager

I have no clue what is happening here.

firstflyer did report that FreeNAS is not working either. It can be either one of these two failing, but I wonder which:

I should try both whenever I got the chance to put a media server on the NSLU2 (not yet done!).

Known working servers

Windows Media Player 11 (this is the one I usually test)


What to do if something fails

Well, if you feel adventurous, you can always fix it yourself!

If you want to read further...

Fernando Sánchez,
31 Jan 2010, 08:25
Fernando Sánchez,
31 Jan 2010, 08:25
Fernando Sánchez,
31 Jan 2010, 08:25