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PS3Mediaserver plugin

PS3MediaServer is a UPNP A/V Media Server (DLNA is a subset, needs certification that is expensive). Initially it was oriented towards PS3s, but not anymore. You can connect any other UPNP A/V Media Renderer without any hassle, I hope. MediaMonkey is a music library management, second in popularity after iTunes, but yet more powerful (in depth review). Plugins, scripts, lots of documentation and user friendly developers make MediaMonkey ecosystem a very rich one.

I was limited in the other UPNP A/V server I made using Windows Media Player, so I was looking for other backends when people began to report that Windows 7 was not working anymore. I found that PS3Mediaserver was extremely easy to work with as it was programmed in Java. So I made a plugin for it.

The main reason to choose PS3MediaServer is that it can transcode the music. That is a big plus!

Follow the discussion in MediaMonkey's forum.


PS3Mediaserver has lots of limitations itself, so it is best to try PS3MediaServer on its own before using the plugin.

Xbox360 integration is tricky. The main reason is that the Xbox360 expects the files to be in a particular way. The way PS3MediaServer works, it can only use its internal MediaLibrary. More code change needs to happen if this plugin can override the internal database handled by PS3MediaServer.

PS3MediaServer does not use the standard way to catch the servers. Somehow, it waits until the clients ask for the description XML, and then it checks what to serve. This means that my UPNP client does not work.

Related to the plugin, it does not support locations on the network for the time being. The plugin is also not localized yet, so any help is appreciated. Check the file in the source code.

The plugin only works with Windows, and no check has been made that this is the case. The reason is like the network related files, I did not care yet to translate from one into another.


Click here for latest beta build of the PS3MediaServer. Beware it is beta version. First thing to do is to check that PS3MediaServer is the server for you. If you cannot connect with the bare PS3MediaServer, then neither will you with the plugin.

After knowing that PS3MediaServer works, you can download the mm_plugin.jar file that is attached to this wiki. You also need either download one of these two SQLite APIs for Java:
Whichever version is ok. Drop the two JAR files (mm_plugin.jar and sqlite*.jar) into PS3MediaServer / plugins folder. Next time you start PS3MediaServer you should see a new button in the configuration pane, as it shows in here:

You need to click on the button, and find your MM.DB file. After that, click on Save and restart PS3MediaServer. Everything should be fine afterwards.

Any critical information appears in the Traces pane. More info should be available in the debug.log file, a file that appears either in the PS3MediaServer folder or in some related folder in your home account (due to UAC, for example).

Source code

The attached JAR file has the source code included.
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