Elaine B. Rybski

Ballroom Dance Instructor

Quality Dance Instruction at Affordable Prices

Why dance?

It’s good for your body and your brain. The Einstein Aging Study (2003) found that of six brain-stimulating hobbies and 11 physical activities, ballroom dancing was the only physical activity that also helped prevent Alzheimer’s and dementia.

It’s good for your heart. An Italian study (2006) found that dancing as therapy after heart failure or heart attack was just as effective as bicycle or treadmill training for regaining strength.

In addition,

  • Dancing is a joyous part of wedding receptions
  • Dancing is social, helping you meet new people
  • Dancing is just plain, giddy, irresponsible fun
  • Dancing improves self-esteem, confidence, coordination, and balance
  • Dancing is a year-round, all-season activity
  • Dancing is a great stress reliever and a fun way to lose weight and/or get in shape

Whatever your reason, I can help you achieve your goals!