Elaine B. Rybski

Ballroom Dance Instructor

Quality Dance Instruction at Affordable Prices

Peter S., Pittsburgh

Elaine's instruction is the best value in the city. I have taken regular lessons one to two hours per week for one year and learned over 20 styles of social dance with her. I had never danced before I met Elaine. Now, whether I am dancing at a night club or on a ballroom floor, my dancing gets noticed, women compliment me on my leading and even ask me to dance, men tell me they wish they could dance as well as I do and, at times, people will remark that the professional dancers' showcases are less interesting than what they see me dancing during the general dance. Having danced and taken lessons at most studios in the area, I can fully recommend Elaine's instruction not just because it was so good for me, but also because I have seen the alternatives.

Allen H., Pittsburgh

Dear Elaine,

Thank you for all your help and instruction in ensuring that we had a memorable first dance. It was great fun working with you. The wedding itself went well, and people commented on how our first dance was a highlight of the reception. We owe it all to you! Thanks again!

Brett T., Pittsburgh

Dear Elaine,

We just wanted to thank you for helping us have a fun & memorable first dance. it was a big success - especially the ending pose - people were very enthusiastic about it and there's no way we would have been able to come up with it without you. So thank you very much for your lessons for our wedding dance!

Melissa & Jared M., Pittsburgh

Dear Elaine,

Thank you so much for tutoring us in the fox trot for our wedding dance! We learned so much from you and it showed - we received so many compliments from our family & friends! Everyone was so impressed and they couldn't get enough of our beautiful dance steps (the dip at the end was of course the favorite!). Thanks again for being such an integral part of our wedding day.

Ginnie & Harold S., Pittsburgh

Elaine is a relaxed but thorough teacher. Lessons are a helpful combination of reviewing old and learning new steps. We feel lucky to have found such a knowledgeable expert who offers flexible scheduling, and with whom every session is challenging and fun.

Andrea G., Minneapolis

I really wanted to learn how to ballroom dance. I felt comfortable in Elaine's group classes because we kept switching partners and Elaine continually checked on each couple. Elaine knew the dances so well that she could teach me both when my partner was there or when I came for lessons alone.

Dave R., Irwin

Elaine is very personable, bright, creative, and passionate about ballroom dance, with very impressive credentials, as outlined on her web site. I located Elaine on the internet in the spring of 2004 and started lessons with her in her comfortable Pittsburgh home studio that summer. Elaine taught me a series of lessons at very reasonable rates. I received excellent, exacting, instruction as we worked on rumba, cha-cha, east coast swing, and samba. Elaine even patiently created a number of clever line diagrams for the more complex cha-cha figures to aid in learning. I can heartily recommend Elaine for a fun learning experience.