East Grinstead Chess Club

East Grinstead Chess Club meets weekly from September to April.  

All are welcome of whatever standard and we play a mixture of graded (official) and friendly games.

The club enters two teams in the Mid Sussex Chess League but you can also just play club and casual games.

Club nights are at the Swan Mead Centre in East Grinstead 7.30 on Tuesdays, all welcome.

Unfortunately this site is being infrequently updated at present, (October 2013) but contact details are correct

 Please see 'How to Find Us' for a map.

 Subscriptions are £35 for adults, £50 for family membership but come and see if you enjoy it first.

Contact Suzanne Marshal for information.

tony.suzanne@hotmail.co.uk <tony.suzanne@hotmail.co.uk>

or Bob Dyke

robertdyke4@aol.com, tel 01342 822058


You may enjoy this, not quite the same as our club room  .link here        

Note that subscriptions have increased slightly in the last 55 years... the price on the window is equivalent to £9 for a season at East Grinstead, approxmately 1/4 of the current subs. 

But compare, in 1960 petrol was1 s.(5p) a litre, now its £1.30,  26 times
fish and chips was 1s 2d (6p), now £5 in EG, 83 times

That seems to make petrol good value, though its hard to believe, but Chess really is cheap!

A photo of our more welcoming Chairman, Bob Dyke