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Hi everyone.

My research interests are in corporate governance and institutional investors. My PhD thesis title is "Corporate Governance Reform in Malaysia: Compliance, Institutional Investors and Firm Performance."

Submitted 19th July 2007

Viva 1st February 2008 (It was a long wait)

Below are links to my research work. Comments are welcome. I am hoping to publish at least two articles based on my thesis. I have included some interesting websites, especially for those whom are interested in similar studies.

PhD (submitted and completed)


Publications (n=5, as at July 2010)

    Abdul Wahab , E. A., How, J., & Verhoeven, P. (2007). The Impact of the Malaysian Code on Corporate Governance: Compliance, Institutional Investors and Stock Performance. Journal of Contemporary Accounting & Economics, 3(2), 106-129.

    Abdul Wahab , E. A., How, J., & Verhoeven, P. (2008). Corporate Governance and Institutional Investors: Evidence from Malaysia. Asian Academy of Management Journal of Accounting and Finance, 4(2), 67-90.

    Abdul Wahab , E. A., & Abdul Rahman, R. (2009). Institutional Investors and Directors’ Remuneration: Do Political Connections Matter? In K. J. Mark Hirschey, Anil K. Makhija (Ed.), Advances in Financial Economics (Vol. 13, pp. 139-169).

    ·Abdul Wahab , E. A., Mat Zain, M., James, K., & Haron, H. (2009). Institutional Investors, Political Connection and Audit Quality in Malaysia. Accounting Research Journal, 22(2), 167-195.

    Zain, M. M., Effiezal Aswadi , A. W., & Foo, Y. B. (2010). Audit quality: do the audit committee and internal audit arrangements matters? Corporate Ownership and Control, Forthcoming.


 Working Papers (Papers are available upon request)

*Copyrights of some published papers are held the publishers .Please do not keep copies of these files on any other computer system. You are welcome to post links.

The above papers (1st and 2nd) differ(slightly) in research questions, methodology and data used. For those who are interested in simultaneous equations/3SLS estimations, read the first paper.

Interesting websites (Don't worry, I received consent from them to post site. Yes, consent.)

Malaysian Websites (useful for researchers)


Working Papers Websites

A compilation of working paper websites : Download here!

PhD Survival Kit (suggestions are welcome)

Other Stuff (Free software, writing tips etc..)