AGW652: Accounting for Services

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Lecture slots = Auditorium 2-5pm, Saturdays.

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Dear All. I will try to include both financial and managerial accounting in this subject.

Lecture Notes

Lecture 1 : Accountants Role in Decision Making   (Readings)  Summary

Lecture 2 (25th July) : Financial Statement Analysis (Readings)

Lecture 3 (1st August) :Cost Volume Profit Analysis (basics)   ppt1    ppt2

Some readings (non-essential, but good to read) ==> article

*My plan is to discuss on how we can use financial statements for costing purposes*

Lecture 4 (15th August):Activity Based Costing

Article 1 Article 2 Article 3 Article 4    PPT presentation

Lecture 5 (5th Sept):Budgets, Planning and Control System (Mr Ravee) Download

Lecture 6 (12th Sept) : Budgets, Planning and Control System II (Mr Ravee) Download 

                                  Chapter 24

Lecture 7  (13th Sept) : Talk by En. Nik Hasyudeen Download

Lecture 8 (3rd October) : Break Even Analysis

Lecture 9 (10th October):  Outsourcing Issues, Opportunity Costs and Infrastructure

Lecture 10 (17th October): Balance Scorecard


Case 16-1 Hospital Supply, Inc.

Case 16-2 Prestige Telephone Company

Case 16-3 Bill French




Assignment 1

*All assignments must include references* ==> This is exclusive of the 5 pages.

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