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The Art of Direct Mate in Two Moves

Eduardo Sadier

El Palomar - Buenos Aires - Argentina




An historical recovery anthology 

                                               El Rosedal Park (Palermo, Buenos Aires)


Already during many years I collect Mate in 2 problems. In the beginning I cut them from newspapers and magazines and I kept using  specific software (Problemiste, MatPlus, etc).


As known, these problems are positions of  pieces on the board, where the white ones must play and make one (key)move, that – in spite of the best defensive moves of black - leads to checkmate on the second move.

Many of these problems were incorporated from  .pbm, .pgn or .fen files. That is to say, they were already digitized. Others have been digitized from .pdf or .djvu files of old chess magazines, books and newspapers: and  this action makes me feel better, since I believe that this digitization constitutes a minimal initial preservation of their fragile paper existence.

What I have discovered lately is that the old format .pbm (by the way not a data base-format ) does not tolerate amounts exceeding 30,000 problems. For that reason I decided to converse all problems to pgn format (the direct export from Problemiste is very inadequate and erroneous)

Anyhow I now present the database of Direct Problems  in Two Moves renewed, corrected and “clean” in pgn -format, with more than 135,000 problems.

warmest thanks 

While doing all this work, the following programs have been of inestimable help:

-        the Penguin Chess program, magnificent publisher of pgn;

-        the incredible ChessPad2 of Mark van der Leek, that orders a data base according to multiple criteria;

-        and the pleasing and unexpected aid of James Garner, who contributed a program of his creation with which it was possible to detect more than 2,000 duplicates!

-        Guillermo Gajate (ChessToll pgn) as well as Mark van der Leek have received my requests for improvements in their programs with patience, and both worked at them. I´m both very grateful.

And it would be absolutely unjust of my part not to be thankful here to those
who have contributed to  this beautiful art, with works of years: Matthieu Leschemelle, Vaclav Kotesovec, Alain Godbout, Milan Velimirovic, Christian Poisson, Juraj Lorinc, Antonio Garofalo, Manolis Stratakis, Gerd Wilts, Torsten Linss and so many others…

Ignacio Zelaya, from the Asociación Tandilense de Ajedrez is doing a great job looking for duplicates. All my gratitude to him. 

Also Paul Wiereyn with his incredible software APWin 2010 detects duplicates and sent them to me.  He too constructed a database of more than 120.000 mate in two problems, and sent it to me...much work...Thanks a lot, Paul...

A special gratefulness to Jorge Marcelo Kapros and Jorge Lois for their support and collaboration. And the charming postcards sent by: Armando H. Marroquin, Ernesto Ferrón de la Fuente, Dmitri Turevski, Guillermo Muñoz, Raimundo García, Cesar Jiménez Méndez, Matías Gianis and Abel Domínguez.

Thanks to Juan Carlos Morra (h), David Lenhart, Miguel Angel Aramayo Acebey  and  Jhonny Carvajal, Hans van Oijen and Noach (Neville) Stern for their contact and help

And a special gratefulness to Martin Smith  :  The Streatham & Brixton Chess Blog 
( for his incredible and high quality blog of chess, art and history!

Is in this update all chess composer´s names have been normalized according to  Thomas Maeder´s web page Composers Names in Various Alphabets



Chess Library

With chess argentine magazines, beginning with the legendary Caissa, directed by Arnoldo Ellerman. But we also include Blancas y Negras (White and Blacks, 1946-1947), El Ajedrez Americano (The American Chess, 1927-1943) y El Ajedrez Argentino (The Argentine Chess, 1924-1957)


I Add an Excel file which

contains more than 19.000 problemists

(now many of them with e-mail), 1.485

Sources, argentine

Problemists and a


file in Pbm (Problemist)





Databases are compressed: you need a software for unzipping them: may be

* FilZip


* 7Zip


 (This english page gently corrected by Paul Wiereyn. I have no words for express my gratitude...[Surely, this phrase also requires correction!])




Last update:  


(¡ + 146.000 problems!)

¡ 400 problems from 2016 !

And using for first time the free program ChessX as Pgn editor!!!

And the complete collection of Revista Romana de Sah, downloaded from:

Thanks to romanian problemist for this enormous work!!

And a good collection of Australian problems, thanks to Peter Wong´s library at


This file can be open and read with the following free programs:


Scid vs Pc






The UAPA (Argentine Union pf Chess Problemists) has put in his web page a great number of Pdf with argentine authors problems, must of them mate in two, but others, mate in three.

Here you can download the fascicles:

Problem colection of

Arnoldo Ellerman (2012 – 2016)

V.I Year 2012:  FASCICULOS:  Nº 1  –  PDF – Nº2  – PDF -  Nº 3 –  PDF   Nº 4 –  PDF

V.II Year 2013:  FASCICULOS:  Nº 5 –  PDF  -  Nº 6  - PDF - Nº 7 –  PDF-  Nº 8 - PDF

V.III Year 2014:  FASCICULOS:  Nº 9 –  PDF  -  Nº 10  - PDF- Nº 11 –  PDF-  Nº 12 - PDF - Nº 13 - PDF - Nº 14 - PDF -

Pgn up to Nº 14

Problems of :
pgn -   

Publication:  “Bicentennial of May Revolution - 1810-2010″ –

” Chess artistic studies” – Año 2010 – Mario G. García – Arnoldo Ellerman

Nº1  -See-download PDF  -  

Nº2  - See-download PDF -

Nº3  - See-dpwnload PDF  -

Nº4  - See-download  PDF -

DESCARGAR PGN Fasciculos 1 al 4