Equity Statement

As a woman of color in education, I own the responsibility to advocate and fight for diversity, equity, and inclusion for all students regardless of race, class, gender, sexual orientation, and disability. 

It is a constant process of unlearning and learning about the roots of inequality. I engage in personal reflection about how my intersectionality plays a role in engaging with the world and others. This process includes acknowledging and understanding my privilege. I also reflect on my past actions with stereotypes and bias systems to adjust my behavior and ideals. 

My focus is to use my work and platform to elevate the needs of communities and act alongside others to uplift voices and causes. This work cannot be done overnight, and I do not have all the knowledge to address this work alone. I welcome those who wish to engage in dialogue, the productive struggle and commit to building a culture of equity and inclusion for all students. 

A portion of all consulting, keynote, and professional development fees are donated to Our Voice Alliance is a 501(c)(3) in appreciation of the impact this organization has had on my personal and professional equity journey.