About Ari Flewelling

  • She/Her/Hers, Chicana

  • Former K-12 Staff Development Specialist, Technology Integration

  • Former High School English Teacher

  • NCWIT Aspirations in Computing (AiC) Educator Inland Empire Award Winner in 2018

  • 2022 CUE Gold Disk

What people are saying about Ari

Ari Flewelling uses her positive and creative energy in all she accomplishes. As a coach for the Google Innovator program, she fostered an immediate sense of camaraderie and helped our team create a supportive network. As a collaborator, Ari has been a constant source for thought partnership and connection--she is always quick to help troubleshoot and to engage others in her learning networks to join in the conversation. In so many ways Ari is an advocate for students and educators. Her deep connection to her identity and the experiences that have led her to be a leader in our field are what make her such a dynamic coach, collaborator and friend. - Santa Clara County Office of Education, Academic Technology Specialist

Ari is a dynamic educator and speaker whose balance of enthusiasm and empathy creates a rapport with the audience. She supports and inspires their educational technology goals by acknowledging the audience’s existing skills and knowledge before guiding and encouraging them to new skills and deeper knowledge. Her experiences have led her to be a passionate advocate for all students and for creating opportunities for students of color to see themselves reflected in all aspects of education. - Colton Joint Unified School District, High School Librarian

We are enough! Thank you for being so open and yourself with us! That is very helpful to me as a young educator who sometimes feels like I have to mask my quirky self for stoic professional!! You rock!

Crafting Kaleidoscopes Keynote Reaction, Anonymous Attendee, Nashville 2019

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