Fees and Payment Methods

Donna’s work is of the highest standard, and I am particularly impressed by her willingness and ability to turn badly written drafts from scholars who are not accustomed to write in English into a clear and enjoyable article. Authors and editors alike have benefited immensely from her recommendations over the years.

 - Jurgen De Wispelaere (Senior editor, Basic Income Studies)


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I base my fees on the actual time required to edit your work, which results from these aspects of your project:

Complexity, type and level of the material, and length (the number of words, as well as pages).
To estimate editing fees, I need a Word file of the writing. However, do not attach any files in your first email to me.
*My fee for writing book indexes is based on the level and complexity of your writing, on the book pages, and on the number of index pages needed. 

Payment Methods

I do not accept credit cards.

I do not take payments from online payment companies such as PayPal.

Clients in the U.S.

  • U.S. clients can pay with a check.
  • If payment is made by a university or other institution, the client should promptly send me all the information, such as W-9 or other forms, that the institution requires in order to pay me.
  • Payment must be made promptly as soon as the work is billed, whether paid directly by client or through the client's institution.

 Clients outside the U.S.

  • Clients without a U.S. bank account can pay me with an International Money Order in U.S. dollars, from their bank.  

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